Sophie's art workshop : bobbin lace, leather casing, and cartonnage

Who is Sophie Houpeurt-Mollaret ?

Sophie Houpeurt-Mollaret began her lace-making career around age 14 at the Valenciennes Academy of Fine Arts where she was intiated to Valencienne lace.

Next she experienced several classes in France and abroad to improve and complete her skills (Bucks Point, Bedfordshire, Cluny, Craponne...).

She also learned the art of card-making, which is a full-scale profession !

She creates the association " Au Bonheur du fil, Dentelles et broderies", period of time during which she shares her passion for lace-making. During this time she works at her art about two hours daily, thus accomodating family life, passion, and profession (manager in a bank).

Then, a turning point in life, fate makes her meet the Carpentier editor, with the help of whom she publishes her first book : The Bases of Valenciennes Lace.

It is also the time during which the meanders of life make her quit her position at the bank. She settles at Lagny-sur-Marne.

There she opens a lace school : Atelier et cours par correspondance.

Meanwhile she discovers the art of cartonnage and leather-casing, and her second book comes out : Cartonnage et Gainerie Déco.

It is an opportunity for her to open a second workshop for cartonnage.

Two other books will then rapidly be published after this one : Cartonnage : Secrets de boites, and finally an initiation to bobbin lace : Le B.A. BA de la dentelle aux fuseaux.

She also has a passion for embroidery, without which the highlighting of her lace pieces would not be good enough. She followed 1st and 3rd level classes of Gold Stitching at the Bégonia d'Or workshop of Rochefort.

In all, the art of threads is her business !

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